Valuing the Least, the Last, the Lost November 15, 2018

Jesus has an unwavering commitment to all of us! While we measure ourselves by the successes and failures of others, Jesus knows that we are all desperately in need of His love and influence. While we withhold acceptance and inclusion from those we believe would hurt our "brand," Jesus provides access to His presence to everyone who wants it! How incredible is that?

This acceptance of Mary is not a fluke or deviation. Jesus demonstrated a commitment to valuing the least, the last, and the lost at all times. He spent such quality time with the outcasts--tax collectors, prostitutes, and other social outsiders--that when the Pharisees ran out of ways to criticize His ministry they criticized His company. . . . Still, Jesus gravitated to those living on the fringes of society. He was comfortable living on the edge and offering fellowship to those who needed it most.

Not only did Jesus lavish love on the sinners of His day, but He still visits the fringes today when the sinners across town, on my side of town, and even the sinner inside of me are in need of the presence of God. I am so glad no one's situation or story disqualifies us from enjoying His healing and loving presence. What a beautifully loving God we serve!

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